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ERP Selection

We bring clarity to selecting the "right" ERP

Independent, unbiased, fair, deep understanding, diligent and rigorous are the terms our clients use when describing our ERP selection service.  Not all companies are the same and not are all ERPs as well.  Working side-by-side with your team we find the “right” system for you that will meet your current as well as future needs. 


“It’s time to build a highway”.  All too often when companies are purchasing a new system, they implement it the same as the old one and don’t leverage the benefits that the new one can provide.  The amount of time and effort to gather requirements, map processes, assess different systems and meet with vendors can be daunting.  We are experts at understanding how your business works, gathering your requirements and managing the entire processes to find the “right” system. 


Our proven approach lead to:


  • Selecting a system based on business needs and objectives

  • Reducing cost by only focusing on what is needed

  • Selecting the “right” vendor who understand their product and your business


Our motto is simple; “Don’t pave the cow path when you can build a highway”.  Negenit brings extensive experience, a proven approach and the diligence to select the right solution. 


Call or email us today and learn why our clients keeping asking us to come back.

ERP Selection
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