Food Challenges

We understand the industry requirements 

The food industry is changing.  Competitive and regulatory pressures are both creating opportunities for growth while at the same time creating risk that must be measured and managed.  Working with Food and Beverage companies we have helped solve and improve:


  • Lot control and traceability

    • Demands for 80% shelf life

    • Full traceability and lot control from inbound raw materials to out going finished goods

    • Ability to report within four (4) hours effectively 


  • Warehouse management and supply chain (FiFo and FeFo)

    • Reduced lead times, inventory cost, waste and shrinkage

    • Restructured and reorganized warehousing providing increased density and pallet space

    • Improved control and monitoring


  • Cost control and cost management

    • Identified waste, inefficiencies and introduced improved reporting

    • Improved purchasing management

    • Improved cost control within the plant


  • Reporting

    • Reduced invoicing errors

    • Staff KPI’s

    • Created detailed and relevant reports


  • Improved planning capabilities

    • Improved production planning

    • Improved production scheduling 


Let us show you what we have done with other clients and how we have helped them leverage their resources and positioned them for growth.  

Our Approach

Our methodologies encapsulate lessons learned and change process optimization that provide guidance and confidence in discovering opportunities, mapping out changes, planning their achievement and managing successful and sustained benefit attainment.

Why Us

Negenit offers a wide range of services that bring successful solutions from different industries, disciplines and geographies to provide guidance through difficult changes.  We solve the unsolvable to help organizations achieve greatness in their search of excellence. 

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