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Food Traceability

The Rules are Changing 

What is the cost a recall?  With the new CFIA rules on the horizon are you ready?  Currently as of August 2015, 33% of the recalls listed with CFIA are for undeclared ingredients.  More importantly these were almost 100% preventable.  In addition 5% are for problems with packaging, 1% for insect contamination and lastly 62% for bacteria.   




The realities of Food and Beverage is that it is a dynamic and fast pace industry that deals with a finished good that can be made with different raw materials based on availability and price.  Managing formulas and work orders can be daunting at times.  Likewise a strong process is required to manage substitutions, formulas in addition to tacking and recording lots for both raw materials and finished goods. All of this must be electronically recorded in a manner that can quickly be reproduced in an appropriately readable format for auditing. Are you ready for the new rules?      


Let Us Help!


  • We map all processes to help identity roadblocks, issues, risk and challenges

  • We help identify and introduce new processes to improve operations

  • We help organize and structure technology to meet the new rules

  • We manage projects, teach, train and help solve issues


Let’s us show you our success stories and how we have helped companies likes yours reduce costs, maximize your computer systems and improve business processes.  To learn more please call or email. 

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