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IT Health Check

Quick Snapshot of your IT Function

IT is the engine of a modern company. Each step of a company’s engagement with customers and suppliers depends on IT in some way and management relies on the information provided to guide decisions. They wonder whether IT changes being considered will contribute towards the profitability of the company, or will they just drain resources?  Most ask "what" is the true effectiveness of their IT function, and they are wondering, “How can I find out?”


Negenit’s IT Health Check is built on the extensive experience of Executive Consultants who developed the assessment service.  This, and real-world IT Management experience, has honed the insight and instincts, which guide the investigation. As a result, the business management team will receive a subjective, qualified, professional opinion on the state of their IT health. 


Negenit's IT Heath Check service looks into the:


  • Corporate Culture - Identify the corporate culture, e.g. “Consensus”, “Blame”, “Reward”, “Risk Averse”

  • Decision Making:  What is the decision-making and priority setting process?

  • Reporting:  What IT reporting is in place? How accountable is IT to the business?

  • Skills Profiles: What skills are required and employed? Is there a skills development process?

  • Policies, Processes and Procedures:  Are PP&Ps formal and documented? Are they effective?

  • Standards and Practices:  Are there formally documented S&Ps?  Are they followed?

  • Tools:  Does the organization invest in productivity tools for IT? What value do they provide?


The Negenit IT Health Check provides a snapshot — a fast and non-disruption review that delivers a high-impact result.  It gives executives a summary of what works and what could work better.


  • Negenit’s approach makes sure organizations know:

  • How effective their IT processes are;

  • Where they can get the best bang-for-the-buck by investing in improvements;

  • Understand areas of risk that may threaten the stability of the enterprise; and,

  • Where they can go for help to make improvements.


The IT Health Check delivers the results the business needs.


To learn more and book your IT Health Check contact us!

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