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Our Approach

Well planed out, well executed, with clear goals and objectives.  This is why we are the "number 1" choice for ERP Business Transfromation in the Food and Beverage Industry

Negenit is a boutique-consulting firm that works with companies to help business leaders and managers align people, processes and technology to business goals.  We build on your company’s priorities and focus on the issues that affect your business.  We work side-by-side to help introduce real change that leads to measureable improvements.


  • We work with staff to help them understand the roadblocks and challenges

    • We map all processes and review all systems

      • This leads to improvements in operations, QA, finance and sales


  • We help identify and introduce new processes to improve operations

    • We help create and develop new processes and policies

      • This leads to reducing inventory costs, improvements in fullfilling orders and better control and monitoring of costs


  • We help organize and structure technology to gain a competitive advantage

    • We help find and select technology and computer systems 

      • This leads to Implementations and project management built on best practices


  • We help empower staff to better utilize technology

    • We introduce change management programs and super user programs

      • This leads to high adoption rates and better utilization of technology


Let us show you how we have helped companies, like yours, achieve their goals.  Let us meet with you and your key staff and show you what we done and how we helped our clients.

ERP Project Managment
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