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Proccess Mapping

Intelligent mapping to clearly understand the “as is” before moving to the “to be”.

The key to a successful project is to clearly understand the current state.  Once you understand all the process and their interrelationships, then and only then can a plan be created for improvement. 


Process mapping is the “up front” work that pays dividends in the end.  The more you understand the problems, issues and roadblocks the better we are able to create the plan for change.  In addition, redundant and duplicated processes that are found will lead to a reduction in waste and cost.  Most ERP projects fail to deliver the desired benefits, not because of the work and effort by the project team but by the fact no one clearly understood what needed to be fixed.    


Process Map Benefits:


  • A clear understanding of the current state

  • Identification of waste and inefficient processes 

  • Measure the effectiveness of the current processes  

  • Gaps in compliance and traceability

  • Identification of requirements for change


Our services is built on proven methodologies and backed by decades of experience, we are the trusted professionals with the passion and drive to help you succeed.


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