Project Management

It’s not the plan, but the execution that makes the difference

We are not like other companies when it comes to project management.  If you looking for a firm to follow traditional project management methodologies and simply report on how the plan is progressing then look elsewhere.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for a team to get involved who is "hands-on" and drives the project to a successful completion, then keep reading.


Our clients keep having us back to manage their large and strategic projects, because we deliver results!


Negenit’s Methodology of Project Management


  • We understand where and how projects fail

  • We build plans and tasks based on our proven approach

  • We know what the early signs of “trouble” are

  • We actively solve problems

  • We are hands-on and actively work side-by-side as an equal and team player

  • We unite people to work together


The fact is up to 2/3’s of all projects fail to deliver the desired benefits.  The proof is endless and the stories are plentiful.  Our approach backed by our proven approach to project management helps deliver a project with clear goals and objectives.


Call or email us and ask why our clients keep asking to back time and time again to manage their projects. 


Project Management