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Food Compliance

New Food Saftey & Quality Regulations  

The evolving changes for food management, safety and quality programs from HACCP, SQF and BRC, along with with the new CFIA and FDA rules are all addressing the same issue;  Namely stronger reporting, record keeping and enforcement for the management of food production and distribution.


The following statements were made by CFIA with the introduction of the “Safe Food for Canadians Act”:


“… traceability information to be provided electronically, upon request, in plain text and in a format that can be imported and manipulated by standard commercial software…” (CFIA, Government of Canada, 2014) 



“…regulations would require traceability records to be retained for 3 years for all products, including those that are perishable…” (CFIA, Government of Canada, 2014) 


What technologies do you have in place?  Do you feel that your current computer system and related processes support and align to the regulations? How confident are you that your organization can respond if an issue arises? What impact will it have on your business?


Are You Ready?


Let Negenit help you.  We are small and agile boutique firm that works with Food and Beverage companies to help: 


  • Identify inefficient processes, risk and issues that affect the business

  • Map all processes (BRC Standard 7) and review computer systems (ERP)

  • Create, change, document and improve processes to align to the standards

  • Manage projects, train staff and help improve computer systems  


Let’s us show you our success stories and how we have helped companies likes yours reduce costs, maximize your computer systems and improve business processes.  To learn more please call or email. 

Food Compliance
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